There is a high level of diversity in the application of DLT in Securities Services. To try and address these within a single WG is therefore complex. As a result, the Co-Chairs of the DLT WG (Glen Fernandes, Euroclear and Urs Sauer, SIX Group) have taken the step to maintain the overview by keeping the main DLT WG running, whilst adding three sub-streams focusing on key topics of interest, with deliverables throughout the year: 

  1. Voice of the Customer
  2. Central Bank Digital Currencies & Stable Coins
  3. Standards within DLT

If you would like to join one of the sub-streams or talk about any one in particular please let Colin know.

WTax UK Limited, London, joined ISSA as a new member in the middle of February 2021.

As of 1st February 2021, Mr. Jason James Nabi, Group Head of Strategy and M&A, replaces Pierre Yves Goemans as ISSA Board Member representing Euroclear.

Read about his nomination in the Press Release of Euroclear and ISSA.



The Cyber WG has created a short article expressing thoughts about the changes in the industry's security environment caused by the increased prevalence of Remote Working/Working from Home. We hope that you find it useful, but equally importantly please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if there are elements that are not covered in the document.

Again we are indebted to the firms that have been involved in bringing this article to fruition and thank them and their experts. The Cyber WG is taking a pause after substantial deliveries over the last 3 years. ISSA believes that the issues unique to the Securities Servicing Industry have been addressed. If there are additional areas where your institution thinks that more work and thought is needed then again please let Colin know.

ISSA’s New Norm Working Group (WG) has prepared the first of a series of short articles that deal with the impact of the global pandemic on the Securities Services industry.  

Most in the industry already know the challenges that the Securities Services business faces. The pandemic, though, has brought these starkly into the spotlight. This is therefore a defining moment for the industry. If the key players come together - and act now - there is an opportunity to drive forward and effect real change. If they don’t, the same discussions will be taking place in another five years.

In this first article, the WG consider the challenges faced by the Securities Services industry in managing different working methods. They then offer insights and guidance as to how working methods could potentially be optimized in the future.


The ISSA Board and CEO Office are pleased to inform that the 20th ISSA Symposium has been rescheduled. The revised Symposium details are as follows:

Venue:     Wolfsberg, Switzerland
Dates:      18 - 21 January 2022

Read the full text that was sent to the ISSA Membership.



As of 1st January 2021, Mr. Andrew Luscombe, Global Head of Market-facing Operations and Network & Head of Group Operations Asia Pacific, replaces Nicola Kane as ISSA Board Membeer representing Credit Suisse Group.

Read about his nomination in the Press Release of Credit Suisse and ISSA.


When ISSA and Oliver Wyman set out to write the FSS paper we wanted it to spark a debate within the industry. That was the purpose. To forge, in the heat of debate, a consensus on the areas of focus that ISSA should follow as we execute the our strategy. We are engaging with the membership and will continue to do over the following months. To help the membership further their own opinions on the topics raised we would like to highlight three recent publications from the Global Custodian.

Our thanks to Jonathan Watkins for allowing us the «right to reply» to his article in the video conversation with William Hodash (DTCC) and Archie Stebbings (Oliver Wyman) 

John Gubert’s article on Global Custodian (free access)

Jon Watkins’s article on Global Custodian (behind the paywall)

Video: Jon Watkins talks with William Hodash (DTCC) and Archie Stebbings (Oliver Wyman) responding to Jonathan’s «Dour Outlook» opinion piece (free access)