ISSA is a neutral non-profit association domiciled in Zurich (Switzerland). Currently, it has more than 110 member institutions such as custodian banks, clearing organisations, central depositories, stock exchanges, brokers and asset managers in around 50 countries.
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ISSA is supported by 15 sponsoring members offering ideas and professional know-how to improve the value of the activities of the Association, in line with its general objectives. In addition the sponsoring members share a significant portion of the annual budget.

Executive Board
ISSA is headed by an Executive Board composed of senior executives of the 15 sponsor firms plus the Chief Executive Officer and the Secretary who are acting as independent representatives. In addition, also the head of the Operating Committee is a member of the Executive Board. The Board is responsible for the organization and coordination of all activities of the Association and sets its agenda.

Operating Committee
The Operating Committee - also consisting of representatives of the sponsor firms - is tasked to propose, launch and manage ISSA's work projects and to support the planning of ISSA events.

CEO Office
The Executive Board and the Operating Committee are supported by the CEO Office. Its mandate is to execute the approved business plan, to maintain the communication channels, to organize events and to provide the corporate and membership administration.


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